Mineral balanced salt

What is the Mineral Balanced salt of SENSHU ENGYO CO.? What is the Mineral Balanced salt of SENSHU ENGYO CO.?
Started in the Tenbun era (1532-1554),Senshu salt is proud of 450 years of history.Recognized as the best seasoning in quality and given an honorific title, “the world’s best salt” in 1653 in Edo era.Currently, KUJIRA-YA, SENSHU ENGYO CO. is the only salt producer in Senshu region.The salt produced by KUJIRA-YA is rich in nutrition and has best flavor.
Contains more than 10 times the amount of minerals contained in the salt of other producers and they are adjusted to the most suitable condition for the human body.(*raw materials are natural salt in Japan and bittern from sea.)
1. Contains plenty of major and minor minerals and suitable for health maintenance.2. Has rich and mild flavor and ideal for cooking.3. Low content of sodium chloride decreases the ratio of salt4. Utilize the characteristic which is similar to body fluid, such as amnion liquid and blood.
1. Cooking
2. Drinking(1% of concentration and other)


① 主要・微量ミネラルの両方が十分で、健康維持に。
② 味は深み・丸みがあり、料理に。
③ 塩化ナトリウムの含有量が低く、塩分控え目。
④ 羊水・血液など、体液と相似の特徴利用に。
① 調理用
② 飲料(塩分補給)(1%液ほか)「鯨屋」亭主